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Public Member Functions

 CheckBox (ComponentContainer container)
boolean Checked ()
void Checked (boolean value)
- Public Member Functions inherited from< android.widget.CheckBox >
 ToggleBase (ComponentContainer container)
View getView ()
void Changed ()
void GotFocus ()
void LostFocus ()
void BackgroundColor (int argb)
int BackgroundColor ()
void Enabled (boolean enabled)
boolean Enabled ()
void FontBold (boolean bold)
boolean FontBold ()
void FontItalic (boolean italic)
boolean FontItalic ()
void FontSize (float size)
float FontSize ()
void FontTypeface (int typeface)
int FontTypeface ()
void Text (String text)
String Text ()
void TextColor (int argb)
int TextColor ()
void onCheckedChanged (CompoundButton buttonView, boolean isChecked)
void onFocusChange (View previouslyFocused, boolean gainFocus)

Additional Inherited Members

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void initToggle ()
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Detailed Description

Example of a CheckBox

CheckBox components can detect user taps and can change their boolean state in response.

A CheckBox component raises an event when the user taps it. There are many properties affecting its appearance that can be set in the Designer or Blocks Editor.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CheckBox() ( ComponentContainer  container)

Creates a new CheckBox component.

containercontainer, component will be placed in

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Member Function Documentation

◆ Checked() [1/2]

boolean ( )

Set to true{:.logic.block} if the box is checked, false{:.logic.block} otherwise.

indicates checked,

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◆ Checked() [2/2]

void ( boolean  value)

Checked property setter method.



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