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Public Member Functions

void onCreate ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void reportError (Throwable ex, String reportId)
static void reportError (Throwable ex)
static boolean isAcraActive ()

Static Public Attributes

static boolean installed = true

Protected Member Functions

void attachBaseContext (Context base)

Detailed Description

Subclass of Application. Normally App Inventor apps just use the class as their main application. However we use the ACRA debugging application with the MIT AI Companion app. This class is only pointed to by the Android Manifest if (which builds the Manifest) is building the Wireless version of the MIT AI Companion. In this fashion we only turn on ACRA when using the Wireless MIT AI Companion.

Author (Jeffrey I. Schiller)

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Member Function Documentation

◆ attachBaseContext()

void ( Context  base)

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◆ isAcraActive()

static boolean ( )

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◆ onCreate()

void ( )

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◆ reportError() [1/2]

static void ( Throwable  ex)

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◆ reportError() [2/2]

static void ( Throwable  ex,
String  reportId 

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Member Data Documentation

◆ installed

boolean = true

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