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boolean canDispatchEvent (Component component, String eventName)
boolean dispatchEvent (Component component, String componentName, String eventName, Object[] args)
void dispatchErrorOccurredEvent (Component component, String functionName, int errorCode, Object... args)
void dispatchGenericEvent (Component component, String eventName, boolean notAlreadyHandled, Object[] args)

Detailed Description

Interface indicating that this object can handle event dispatching.

Author (Mark Friedman)

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Member Function Documentation

◆ canDispatchEvent()

boolean ( Component  component,
String  eventName 

◆ dispatchErrorOccurredEvent()

void ( Component  component,
String  functionName,
int  errorCode,
Object...  args 

◆ dispatchEvent()

boolean ( Component  component,
String  componentName,
String  eventName,
Object[]  args 

◆ dispatchGenericEvent()

void ( Component  component,
String  eventName,
boolean  notAlreadyHandled,
Object[]  args 

Request that the entity that handles the event send a generic event for corresponding component class, event name pair.

componentthe component originating the event
eventNamethe name of the event to fire
notAlreadyHandledtrue if the event was not handled by an event handler on the component, otherwise false
argsany event-specific arguments to pass to the event handler block

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